Alisa's bold female forms in bronze, alabaster and marble reflect playful, psychological and sexual themes of what it means to be a woman, vulnerable and powerful, vital and fertile, nurturer and life-giver, and Mother of humanity. Alisa creates soft, undulating curves out of the hard stone, imbuing her sculpture with a deep sensuality.  Her pieces often humorous, sometimes profound, sometimes erotic, elicit powerful reactions in the observers - a desire to touch the undulating feminine forms, or to get in touch with their own sensuality or playfulness.  

Limited Editions
Cast Marble Limited Editions

Woman and Humanity

In her latest series, Alisa creates sculpture honoring woman's vital role on this planet and within the humanity that inhabits it. 


The women and goddesses in Alisa's vibrant canvases are ripe, sensual, bold feminine forms, reflecting women in various aspects of relationship with her self and with others.  "In my paintings I show woman as vital and colorful.  She is lover, goddess, life-giver and Mother Earth. She is alone, coupled, searching and dreaming.  She is playful, contemplative and exposed." 

Psychic Sketches

In a drawing series called "Psychic sketches" Alisa creates images in black and white that reflect themes of woman and her role in humanity and the human life cycle: Creation, Birth, Family, Evolution and Souls on their journey.  The lines and forms on the paper often blur and intermingle in varying complexity, much like human thoughts and emotions do.   Alisa's experience as a psychotherapist influenced these fascinating pieces that seem to emanate from the subconscious. 


Alisa's award winning erotic sculptures have won first place in and and been featured in "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today", the book.  They have also been exhibited in the world art tour by the same title. Her erotic sculptures and paintings have been shown in Erotic galleries across the USA including the Erotic Art Museums in both Florida and Los Angeles. 

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